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Consultant @ IBM. I love solving problems and leveraging technology to create better solutions.

Unlimited modernization possibilities with Azure

Co-Authors: Rajesh Kumar and Roshan Menon

In the past few years, the way organizations work has changed a lot as businesses of all sizes, geographies, and industries are turning to cloud services. Gartner predicts that this trend will continue over the coming years where most companies will have cloud-first or cloud-only policies. Factors behind this change include things like lower operating costs, improved time to market, better collaboration, and increased flexibility. The new emerging market scenario typically involves modernizing your applications and moving some or all the IT environment into the cloud. …

When you get a job as a consultant or a technical manager, it’s normal to imagine a life revolving around sophisticated meetings, intense discussions and what not! But you forget one teeny tiny detail before weaving a dream of high visibility job, the fact that to become a part of these much anticipated discussions, meetings and the consulting work requires an understanding of products and services that are in demand. Well having a technical background would solve this dilemma some might think. But in reality everything is a lot different than what most of us study in colleges.

Plethora of…

Shivani Digari

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